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  • Asher G. Blumberg

    Asher G. Blumberg

    Leaving my imprint (and mouseprint) on the world one pixel at a time. Designing mobile first experiences, websites, and beyond.

  • Lorenzo Luigi Trend

    Lorenzo Luigi Trend

  • Chris R Becker

    Chris R Becker

    Lead Curriculum Architect (UX/UI) @ 2U inc + Sr. UX designer / LX Educator @ UCLA/UCI/ArtCenter/LMU

  • Tobias van Schneider

    Tobias van Schneider

    Self-taught Designer & Maker. Un-Employed. Founder of https://www.semplice.com/ Formerly Spotify — More About me: http://www.vanschneider.com

  • Moni Vazquez

    Moni Vazquez

    Poet Author, Writer, Lover, and Explorer.

  • Rhys McIntyre

    Rhys McIntyre

    Professional Online Content Writer & Editor | Experience & Advice | Entertainment & Education | Honors BSc

  • Fredrick Royster

    Fredrick Royster

    Lapsed Web Designer, Aspiring UI/UX Professional, and Electronic Dance Music Aficionado from Chicagoland

  • Reem Alwahabi

    Reem Alwahabi

    I pivoted into from Architecture to UX design in 2019. | UX Design | Career Development | Forever Employable |

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